When is the fourth Bitcoin Halving?

2 min readNov 9, 2023

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency with blockchain technology. The first bitcoin block was generated on 2019–01. Visit at https://btc.tokenview.io/en/block/0 to view the FIRST Bitcoin Block, that is called “Genesis of Bitcoin”. Actually, Bitcoin is just a CODE. Such a piece of magic code implements, block generation, bitcoin mining mechanism, mining difficulty adjustment, halving about every 4 years. “Halving” mechanism is different with traditional currencies. Whatever currencies, US Dollar, Euro, GBP, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, most currencies will be issued without restriction by central bank or Fed. These currencies are inflationary models.

2019–01–03 the first bitcoin block

So far, there’re 3 times Bitcoin halving on 2012–11–28, 2016–07–09, and 2020–05–11. At beginning, bitcoin mining reward is 50 BTC each block, after 1st halving, the reward is 25 BTC, and then 12.5 BTC. Now is 6.25 BTC. You may easily find 3 times halving in “everyday bitcoin mining reward” chart.

Bitcoin Mining Reward Chart

The fourth halving is around 2024–04–24 according to Tokenview bitcoin halving page https://tokenview.io/en/half. You can predict, 5th halving is in 2028, and then 2032, 2036, … Totallly, around 21 millions bitcoins will be issued. So, magic bitcoin economics is a deflationary model. Besides bitcoin, there’re some other Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrencies which are deflationary models as well, such as Bitcoin forked Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCash, … Tokenview provides a tool to view more crypto halving countdown.

Tokenview Halving Countdown page

You only have 166 days to get 6.25 BTC reward each block. After 4th halving, you will only have 3.125 BTC reward. Tokenview blockchain explorer will monitor bitcoin halving and other coins halving events all the time. If you want to understand what bitcoin inside is, query wallet address, transaction hash, block number in tokenview.io.




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