What is “Meta Verse”? What’s the relationship with Blockchain?

What does the blockchain bring to the metaverse?

Blockchain can solve Identity and Economy problems; VR can solve Immersive problems, 5G and cloud computing can solve Anywhere and Low Friction problems; open UCG content production As well as the game mode, it provides a way of solving problems for Diversity, Civilization and Friends, which together form a complete meta-universe solution.

Value of Blockchain in Metaverse:

1. Payment and Clearing System

The basic features based on blockchain include open, transparent and not easy to tamper with, P2P payment, etc. In Metaverse, the economic system will become the key to achieving large-scale and long-lasting operation, and blockchain technology will provide Metaverse with payment seamlessly compatible with the virtual space of the network due to its natural ‘decentralized value transfer’ characteristics. And clearing system.

2. Smart Contract Deployment

Due to the openness and transparency of the blockchain network itself, smart contracts have excellent features such as automation, programmable, openness, transparency, and verifiability, so that trusted interactions on the chain can be carried out without the need for a third-party verification platform. If the financial system in the metaverse is built on the blockchain, then the features of smart contracts can be used to decentralize the contract in a programmatic, non-custodial, verifiable, traceable, and trustworthy manner, thereby significantly Reduce rent-seeking, corruption, and black-box operations that may exist in the financial system. It can be widely used in finance, social networking, games and other fields.

3. NFT Non-fungible Token

The biggest feature of NFT is that it has both indivisibility and uniqueness, so it is very suitable for marking exclusive and indivisible rights and assets, and can realize free transactions and transfers.



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