The Strongest NFT Knowledge Point In The Whole Network, Everything You Need To Know Is Here (1)

NFT Related Concepts

NFT (Non-Fungible Token), as the name suggests, every NFT is unique. For traditional blockchain digital currencies, tokens are interchangeable. For example, the BTC I own is essentially the same as the BTC owned by others. I can use my BTC to exchange with other people’s BTC. For NFTs, NFTs are indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. Each NFT has its own unique and distinguishable characteristics, so NFTs are not interchangeable. In addition, each NFT can be fully tracked on the underlying blockchain, so it can also provide buyers with proof of ownership. To some extent, the NFTs I own are my own unique digital assets.

NFT Pass Card

The recent successful linkage of PROOF Collective & Moonbirds has made Pass + PFP projects a new trend, gradually occupying the NFT market share. PFP is profile pictures, such NFTs are usually used as profile pictures on social platforms such as Twitter. Pass, which is essentially similar to a membership card, is a kind of identification and proof of rights. The person holding the Pass card can be identified as a member of a certain group and can enjoy certain rights and interests. Relatively speaking, the income of holding the Pass card is relatively clear, and the Pass card can also be transferred through transactions.

Common NFT PASS Card


How To Find Blue-chip NFTs? Take Specific NFTs As An Example

The term “blue chip” comes from Western casinos. In Western casinos, there are three colors of chips, of which blue chips are the most valuable, red chips are the second, and white chips are the worst. Blue-chip NFTs refer to good NFTs that are valuable and worth holding for a long time. The following is an example of how to find blue-chip NFTs.


Since Moonbirds was released, its market value has been increasing steadily, currently the market value breaking through $300 million. Moonbirds’ initial mint price is 2.5ETH, and the current floor price has risen to 29.99ETH.


BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) is a collection of 10,000 NFT apes, each ape with completely unique characteristics, so every ape looks unique. The current floor price of BAYC is as high as 139.8ETH.


Azuki, is a series of NFT pictures with Japanese animation theme, with exquisite painting style and first random 10,000. At present, the floor price of Azuki has reached 25.5ETH.


By analyzing the popular blue-chip NFTs on the market, I believe you have a general understanding of the common gameplay and innovations of NFT projects. When the next blue-chip NFT project in the market appears, will you have the confidence to seize it?



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