The Strongest NFT Knowledge Point In The Whole Network (2)


TwitterScan is a tool for monitoring new projects, discovering KOLs and hot topics. There is a dedicated NFT section on TwitterScan, which can see the newly added NFT projects of the day in real time, the number of followers of the project, the number of whales, and the frequency of fan growth.


Mintyscore makes high-quality projects clear at a glance by scoring NFT projects. On the Mintyscore page, you can clearly see the upcoming and released NFT projects, as well as the corresponding scores of the projects. Generally speaking, if the score is higher, the project is more popular. Of course, NFT screening can also be performed according to different auction methods. The Azuki we introduced in the first issue of the article was popular because of its unique auction method. The function of Mintyscore plus auction method screening undoubtedly further improves the convenience of project screening.


Nftscoring is an NFT analysis platform that provides detailed NFT trading trends, rankings and other information. In addition, nftscoring also provides some information on early NFT drops. It is a better channel for searching and discovering early NFT projects. It can discover high-quality projects in advance and gain early bird advantage.

4、 is a popular NFT market website. supports viewing the real-time floor price, sales trends of any NFT, real-time access to the complete minting, buying and selling history charts of any wallet, and analysis of its complete investment portfolio. But the disadvantage is that there are too few features available in the free version. Features such as chart data monitoring need to be paid to use. The monthly fee is about $75, and the one-time subscription is $62 per month.


Tokenview is a well-known full-currency block explorer, and is the only data platform that supports nearly 100 blockchain data searches. Tokenview also provides a series of high-quality blockchain services such as blockchain data monitoring, address annotation, giant whale tracking, market forecasting, mining pool data, API customization, node construction, and ecological support.

6 、 Nansen (

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet tags.

7 、 traitsniper ( ) / NFTinit (

Traitsniper and NFTinit are similar. They are both NFT ranking platforms. Taking traitsniper as an example, the homepage makes statistics on the most popular NFTs in the market, including floor prices, 24-hour ups and downs, trading volume and other parameters, and relevant NFTs ranking.


Flip provides the hottest items in the current NFT market by ranking the top NFT collections, rank by volume, reserve price, quantity for sale, and holder-to-supply ratio.

9、gem( genie(

Both gem and genie are NFT aggregators. The biggest feature of NFT transaction aggregators is that they can buy NFTs in batches, which has more convenience in user’s sweeping and gas saving. Especially for small amounts of nft, such as the unit price of 0.01eth, 0.02eth, a single gas may be 0.1eth. This will cause a lot of user gas loss. Here, the gem is introduced. The gem can filter the rarity and price range of NFTs through the filter bar on the left side of the project, or add different NFTs to the shopping cart and choose one-click settlement. For buyers with large batches of multi-type NFTs, one-click settlement is convenient and helps to sweep the floor of various NFTs faster.



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