Over 100 million USDT assets Blacklisted? How to use Tether blocked address function?

Received many users private letters, said their USDT transfer error/theft/fraud and other similar problems, loss of a lot of money.

Tokenview again reminds you not to give away your private key! Do not click on unknown sites, beware of phishing incidents.

When sorting out USDT related materials, I found that the USDT blocked function provided by Tether officially. For problems such as wrong account transfer and theft, you can seek help from Tether to freeze relevant addresses.

This function may still have many users do not know, today will take you to know about Tether USDT [Blocked Address] function.

[Blocked Address] Similar to bank card freezing, once the USDT address is frozen, it means that the address cannot conduct transactions related to USDT assets. Tether blacklisted addresses cannot transfer out the USDT they hold.

According to the blocked address list provided by Tokenview, users can check whether the address of the other party is blacklisted before conducting USDT transactions to avoid asset loss.

Recently, Tether officially froze another batch of USDT addresses on ERC20.

All information about Tether’s frozen address can be found on the “Blocked Address” page of the Tokenview explorer. Here are some of the addresses Tether blocked:

Among the blocked accounts marked by Tokenview as “USDT Banned Address”, there are USDT whales with over 100 million assets frozen.

USDT whale address:


This whale address currently has a USDT balance of 100,000,080, ranking 25th.

According to Tokenview data, there are 9 USDT transactions in total at this address, the last transaction occurred at 2021–08–06 10:10:13, and 10,000,000 USDT was received. Since then, the address has been frozen by Tether, totaling nearly 100 million USDT.

When analyzing other assets of the whale account, it was found that the address token Signum and Steam held the 7th and 8th place respectively.

If the USDT address is frozen, violations occur. Some of you might be wondering if the frozen address will be able to resume transfers. The answer is yes, Tether smart contract has the function of lifting the freeze, the specific implementation can contact Tether official communication.

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