Tokenview Announcement: NFT Subscription is launching on Blockchain APIs
4 min readJan 3, 2023

Tokenview launches NFT Subscription Data Service!

NFT subscription simplifies the complexity of relying on node data to capture NFT on-chain dynamics, solves the latency of notifying NFT events across chains, and allows users to capture NFT mint, transactions, and other on-chain dynamics quickly, in real time, and stably.

In addition, this new subscription service will ensure that users have the opportunity to stay up-to-date and participate in all of the new activities of Layer1 and Layer 2 which support NFT.

What is NFT Subscription?

NFT Subscription is the unique NFT data service launched by Tokenview, which aggregates and tracks NFT transaction information on blockchains and provides 3 subscription topics: Account, Token and Collection.

NFT Subscription provides a stable, user-friendly NFT event notification service based on the Web3 product requirement to know NFT on-chain activities anytime, anywhere.

All NFT Webhook information is sent in real time with JSON format. Users can easily obtain the latest changes of NFT minting,trading,buying,selling,burning without setting up nodes.

Unlimited subscription and on-demand configuration are available through APIKey.

Three NFT subscription topics

Tokenview NFT subscriptions support three subscription topics, including Accounts, Tokens, and Collections.

In the Web3 use case, NFT developers need to use the NFT API to obtain NFT assets, transaction lists, collections, and other data to build NFT markets, wallets, games, and other products. In the real world, however, NFT collectors and enthusiasts are more focused on the specific on-chain activities of NFT, including NFT minting, trading, buying, selling, and burning changes, to help them make optimal market decisions.

From user perspective, Tokenview offers 3 NFT subscription topics:

1 Subscribe by Accounts

By subscribing to one or more accounts, users can obtain all the NFT information happened on the accounts. All NFT-related changes, minting, trading, buying, selling, and burning, will be sent to the user in real time and accurately.

2 Subscribe by Tokens

The user monitors the behavior of the Token by subscribing to one or more NFT tokens. When any changes occur, the NFT subscription pushes each on-chain behavior change to the user individually.

3 Subscribe by Collections

Users monitor the transaction behavior of one or a series of NFT collections by subscribing to one or more NFT collections (such as BAYC, Azuki, etc.). When any on-chain changes occur to the NFT collection, the NFT subscription extracts all the relevant changes ofthe NFT collection in a single transaction, packages them up and sends them to the user.

So you can view your NFT projects anytime, anywhere!

Supports all NFT public chains

NFT subscriptions are available for all Layer1 and Layer2 chains that support NFT, and support instant notification of the latest chains of NFT. NFT Webhook data from multi-chain integration is processed and structured and sent in real time in JSON format, enabling users to receive real-time notifications including NFT minting, transactions, etc. Helps users not miss a single minting or trading message.

The NFT subscription integrates NFT data from the multi-chain ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, making integration easy for all Web3 and NFT projects. In addition, NFT subscriptions can track the NFT whales and follow them easily and quickly into the blue chips.

Q & A

Q: Does Tokenview NFT subscription only support NFT on the Ethereum chain?

A: No. Tokenview NFT subscription not only supports monitoring of NFT activity on the Ethereum, but also applies to all Layer1 and Layer 2 chains that support NFT, such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Fantom, Cronos, etc.

Q: Does Tokenview NFT subscription only monitor transactions? What types of NFT subscription services are available?

A: In order to improve user experience, based on the NFT transaction tracking mechanism, we have refined and classified the NFT subscription topics, including Accounts, Token and Collection. It is convenient for users to dynamically remind messages for one or more NFT tokens and Collection that they are interested in.

Q: What NFT on-chain activities can Tokenview NFT subscriptions push?

A: NFT subscription real-time monitoring of NFT minting, NFT burnin, NFT trading, NFT buying, NFT selling and other on-chain activities. If you subscribe to #8888 BAYC, when this NFT is traded, it sends you a message in real time: #8888 BAYC sent to address 0x008… f27.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of monitored addresses for Tokenview NFT subscriptions?

A: There is no need to worry about the limit on the number of NFT addresses monitored. You can add as many addresses as you want.

Q: How do I enable the NFT subscription service?

A: the user can by registered mail Tokenview Blockchain APIs and Data Service Platform, according to the email received four independent verification code activation of the account. APIKey can be obtained free of charge after successful account registration.

You can configure with the APIKey in one click.



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