How to track/monitor USDT/BTC/ETH/TRX/BNB address automatically?
3 min readNov 3, 2023

Whether you are USDT wallet developers or TRX, it is very important to provide users with practical experience. For example, if user wants to monitor an address, he or she will receive notification information every time a transaction occurs at this address. For investors, you may use the address monitoring API to pay attention to users’ capital flows, help understand the investment trends of users with large positions, etc.

Tokenview Track Address API can monitor the real-time transactions of crypto holders and push instant messages.

How to monitor a specific address on crypto blockchain, like Ethereum/Tron?

1. Sign up a Tokenview developer account

“Address monitoring/tracking” means that when the recharge/withdrawal (receipt/payment) transaction of the monitored address is successfully on the chain, the Tokenview API will POST the relevant information of this transaction to the Webhook URL you set.

To complete the address monitoring operation, first, you need to register a Tokenview developer account.

2. Set up address monitoring Webhook URL

Log in to the Tokenview Developer Platform and select Address Track >> [Settings].

Please ensure to set the [Receive URL]. If you do not set it or set it incorrectly, you will not be able to receive push notifications.

Select the crypto you want to monitor and input the address to be monitored. Currently, Tokenview supported: BTC, ETH (including all ERC20 tokens), TRX (including all TRC20 tokens), LTC, BCH, DOGE, ETC, DASH, OMNI-USDT, RVN, BSC. If you want to monitor the USDT ERC20 address, please select ETH. If you need to monitor the USDT TRC20 address, please select TRX.

If you are not sure about the above steps, you can open the Tokenview address monitoring API interface document reference.

3. How to add or delete monitored addresses

Users can add and delete addresses directly in the API Dash Board. When the receiving URL remains unchanged, Add Tracking in “Address Tracking” tab.

You can view the monitored addresses and delete the address as well.

4. How to receive pushed Webhook records

You will receive messages when a transfer occurs at the monitored address. You can filter and view in the API Dash Board.

Of course, you could view it directly in the browser through the link in the API document. e.g., coin is eth and page 1,{apikey}

Through the above simple steps, you can monitor the addresses what you want. Now, Free trial



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