How to get USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi on-chain data?
3 min readNov 5, 2023


Many Tokenviewers read stable coin and other blockchain / crypto charts, e.g.: Daily transaction counts, Tx Fee, Active wallet info, etc. They asked where to find in site. On-chain data is very useful fundamental signal to analyze crypto, to assist trading, to help write research reports, to understand DeFi projects inside, and this is also the biggest difference between DeFi and TradFi. DeFi data is on chain, but TradFi data is with companies.

on-chain data charts on Tokenview

As blockchain fundamental infrastructure, Tokenview is a general blockchain explorer and data platform, which provides lots of APIs for Web3 / crypto developers to build up wallet, DeFi project, Exchange, intelligence tool, quant trading and investment assistant. Today, I will show up the simplest way to get every blockchain and its tokens data charts.

Through each blockchain explorer entrance, like,, or On these pages, you may query wallet address, transaction hash, block info, .btc, .eth domains, smart contract. You may discover basic information of each blockchain, like the latest block, active address, hashrate, holders, node size, total transaction counts. Besides these data, each blockchain “Chart” page shows valuable on-chain data. Different crypto has different types of data, for example, stable coin Tether USDT mint/burn/freeze info, USDC treasure balance, but these data are NOT on bitcoin or ether chart pages.

“Charts” enterance from USDT explorer

Bitcoin charts page has Daily block number, Block Size, Period of Block Generation, Daily average hashrate, Mining Difficulty, Mining Reward, Average Fee of Each Transaction, Fee, Average Block Fee, Average Block Fee, Median Daily Transaction Amount in a Single Block, Daily Transaction Amount, Daily Active Address & Newly Created Address, Full Node Info, etc. If you want to see older data and select date, you may click each Charts link to see more.

“Charts” enterance from Bitcoin explorer

USDT charts site illustrates more stable coin related on-chain data, Exchange Deposit, Active Address Count by each chains, and you may click “Active Address Count” to see total data from chain’s birth.

Tips: If you are crypto / WEB3 developer, feel free to sign up from Tokenview Development Platform to access full-function APIs which support much more data than ones on website page. If you would like promote Tokenview APIs, Tokenview team will give BONUS.



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