How to Develop and Track Bitcoin NFTs using Tokenview Bitcoin Ordinals APIs
4 min readSep 20, 2023

Bitcoin NFTs, also known as the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, are a method of creating digital assets on the BTC blockchain. Launched on the Bitcoin mainnet on January 20, 2023 by developer Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals NFT is the latest way to create NFTs on Bitcoin.

Since the release of Ordinals, more and more people have started creating Bitcoin NFTs. Although it is currently in its early stages and the ecosystem is not yet complete, its popularity remains unabated and its numbers are growing rapidly. According to Tokenview data, as of September 10, more than 30 million NFT assets have been minted on the Bitcoin network. The minting volume of Ordinals inscriptions exceeded 10 million on May 30 and exceeded 20 million on July 29, which means that this indicator has increased by more than 33% in the past month. Developers can use Tokenview’s Bitcoin Ordinals API to quickly create related applications, such as Bitcoin Tracking tools, Ordinals trading markets, etc.

How to Develop and Track Bitcoin Ordinals?

Before you can start quickly creating applications using the Bitcoin Ordinals APIs, you first need to visit the developer website and create an account. Go to the Tokenview developer official website ( and click the “Register” button to register.

After logging in, find your unique APIKAY on the Dashboard and copy it. Visit the API documentation and replace your own APIKEY. According to the guidance of the documentation, you can start using the API service. In the API documentation, developers can find a variety of interface modes to choose from and choose the most appropriate interface according to their needs.

2. View the Bitcoin Ordinals APIs Documentation

Bitcoin Ordinals APIs mainly includes the following four parts: 1. Inscription Info APIs; 2. Inscription Transaction APIs; 3. Inscription List APIs; 4. Inscription Mint/Transfer APIs, which contains introduction and explanation of core fields to facilitate developers to use appropriate. The interface serves the Dapp service you are building.

Inscription Info APIs: Inscription details can be obtained through the transaction hash or Inscription_id or Inscription Number on the Bitcoin chain. Detailed information includes: Inscription ID, output value, content format, content link, block height, etc., as shown in the following example:

Inscription Transaction APIs: Based on inscription_id, return all transactions of inscription. Detailed information includes: block height of transaction, transfer-in and transfer-out address, transaction type, transaction hash, etc. And return the list of inscriptions it owns based on the Bitcoin address.

Inscription List APIs: Based on the Bitcoin address, return the inscription list on the address and the detailed information of each Inscription.

Inscription Mint/Transfer APIs: Get Ordinals Mint/Transfer list with specified block height. By obtaining Mint data and Transfer data of each block height, developers can monitor the issuance and transaction volume of Ordinals on BTC in real time and gain insight into market information.

NFT tools on the BTC chain can be developed based on the above Ordinals APIs, and the Tokenview Bitcoin Ordinal subscription service can also be used to track the asset changes of Ordinals on the chain and the transfer of an expensive Ordinals.

3. Track Ordinals asset changes and transfers

The Tokenview Bitcoin Ordinals Subscription service tracks the minting, buying, selling, and trading of inscriptions on the Bitcoin chain. It supports two subscription methods: Bitcoin address subscription and Inscription ID subscription. When a transaction changes, the transaction information will be pushed to the Webhook set by the developer in Json form.

Add related addresses or Inscription IDs to track Ordinals asset changes and transfers at an address. Examples of returned information are as follows:

Tokenview Bitcoin Ordinals data service provides developers with comprehensive, real-time, and reliable BTC NFT core data so that developers can quickly obtain the required data, thereby simplifying and accelerating the development process. Developers can freely combine these APIs and subscription services according to their own business scenarios to build applications or solutions that meet their needs.



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