BTC API:How To Build a Blockchain Application?
3 min readJun 1, 2023


The Bitcoin API is a set of programming interfaces that allow developers to interact with the Bitcoin network and can help developers build a variety of Bitcoin applications.

The Bitcoin API can be used to create block explorers, wallets, and Bitcoin payments. Block explorer allows users to view transactions and block information on the Bitcoin network.

Developers can use the Bitcoin API to check blocks, transactions, addresses, and balances, as well as provide other useful information, such as transaction fees, transaction inputs and outputs, confirmations, and transaction times.

In this article, we will explore how to use the Bitcoin API to get data when creating a Bitcoin block explorer.

  1. Register

First, you need to register an account with the Bitcoin API provider’s website. In the case of the Tokenview provider, sign up for a Tokenview account and view the documentation for the Bitcoin API.

2. Call API

After successfully logging in, you can call the API to perform various functions.

2.1 Querying the Bitcoin address Balance

The developer can get the balance of the Bitcoin address.

Here is an example of an RPC request to get the balance of a Bitcoin address:

2.2 Transaction History

Developers can search for specified Bitcoin transactions. This feature helps users quickly find their transaction records.

Here is an example of an RPC request to get a list of Bitcoin transactions:

2.3 Get Bitcoin Block Information

Developers can get details about bitcoin blocks. This information includes block number, difficulty, timestamp, number of transactions, and so on.

Here is an example of an RPC request to get a list of bitcoin blocks:

2.4 Get bitcoin Ordinals information

Developers can get Inscription details, Inscription transactions, a list of Inscription accounts, and more through the Bitcoin Ordinals API.

Here’s how to return inscription details, based on txid:

Please note: When using the Bitcoin API, be sure to secure your API key.

Overall, the Bitcoin API provides a number of useful features and use cases that can help developers and businesses build a variety of applications and services on the Bitcoin network.

Whether you want to create a block explorer, wallet, or Bitcoin payments, the Bitcoin API is a powerful tool worth checking out.



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