How Do Ordinary Users Connect to Internet/Web 3.0 | Tokenview

The Historical Development of the Internet

The emergence of Internet 3.0:

  • 1. Global digital currency transfer: transfer directly through digital currency worldwide, no need to go through the bank, no need to know the specific address information and phone number of the other party, and it does not take a long time, most of which can be completed within half an hour Transfer transactions;
  • 2. DEFI investment: No need to register with a securities company, and directly trade in DeFi. All transactions are public, unchangeable, and can be traded anytime, anywhere.
  • 3. The rise of the artist’s creation. Artists can make their own creations and capitalize their own works through NFT. No one can control and deprive them of the profit of their main creation. And they can directly bind and interact with the community and fans, and share the profitability of the artwork.

How do ordinary users connect themselves to Web 3 or Meta Universe?




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Multi-crypto blockchain explorer & dataplatform

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