Global Public Chain Weekly Report | September 11, 2023
3 min readSep 12, 2023

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Ethereum programming language Vyper release v0.3.10 version candidate

The Ethereum programming language Vyper releases v0.3.10 version candidate. v0.3.10 is a performance focused release. It adds a codesize optimization mode (#3493), adds new vyper-specific #pragma directives (#3493), uses Cancun’s MCOPY opcode for some compiler generated code (#3483), and generates selector tables which now feature O(1) performance (#3496).

2 Conflux

Conflux v2.3.0 Network Hardfork Upgrade Completed

The Conflux Network hardfork upgrade has been successfully completed, with the activation of CIP-107, CIP-112, CIP-113, CIP-118, and CIP-119. The network is currently stable, and the latest network version is v2.3.0.

3 Cosmos

Cosmos Hub: v12 upgrade expected to be completed on September 13

Cosmos Hub tweeted that community Prop #821 is approved. Get ready for the v12 Upgrade, unleashing the Liquid Staking Module! The Cosmos Hub will upgrade at block 16985500 (expected on Wed, Sept. 13th). v12 brings the LSM — adding safety measures to liquid staking and unlocking instant liquid staking.

4 LayerZero

LayerZero is now live on Zora Network mainnet

LayerZero is now live on Zora Network mainnet! Zora Network is a Layer 2 blockchain built on the OP Stack with a focus on supporting NFT creators, collectors, and applications.

5 Polygon

Polygon Labs has launched Solution Provider Network

Polygon Labs announced that it has launched the Solution Provider Network (SPN). SPN is a platform to help developers find, evaluate, and connect to the best-suited SPs for their projects across Polygon chains (PoS and zkEVM for now). Before SPN, solution providers experienced friction connecting with devs and building credibility, even while developers had no clear way to figure out what middleware and tooling existed for their projects.

6 Starknet

The entire Starknet core stack is now open-source

The entire Starknet core stack is now open-source, including Full Node, Execution Engine, Sequencer and Prover.

Starknet v0.12.2 has been launched on the mainnet

Starknet has deployed Starknet v0.12.2 on the mainnet on September 5. This release includes some key upgrades to enhance the performance and reliability of the network: — enabling P2P authentication through a new endpoint that signs on state differences. — resolving some mismatches that could occur between pending blocks and pending state updates. — increasing the max steps in a single transaction from 1M to 3M. — improving maximum throughput and TPS. This boosts the overall speed and scalability of the network.




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