Arbitrum Blockchain API Address Tracking Webhook is launched on Tokenview
3 min readFeb 7, 2024

Arbitrum, one of the most popular Ethereum layer2 network, has 525M+ transactions, 17M+ addresses, and almost 300K ERC20 tokens. Now, 12.75B ARB are traded on crypto markets. Transaction fee, gas cost on Arbitrum is much lower than Ethereum layer1. More and more smart contracts are migrating from Ethereum layer1 to Arbitrum.

Tokenview is a general blockchain data provider, that is extending its blockchain API address tracking webhook features onto Arbitrum network. This blockchain API address tracking webhook is in addition to already supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and so on, to help Web3 builders, Tokenviewers to easily monitor the crypto asset changes on dApp, DeFi, NFT and DAO running on Arbitrum.

How to use Arbitrum Address Tracking Webhook?

It’s straight forward to use Arbitrum Address Tracking via Tokenview Developer Platform.

Only 2 Steps: Register and get the API key. That’s it.

  1. Register Tokenview Developer Platform.
  2. Get the API key.
  3. Set your webhook to receive crypto asset changes notification.
  4. Add the tracked Arbitrum addresses.
  5. Receive the notification message

What messages will be notified to webhook?

For Arbitrum, the transferred asset is ETH for normal transactions, that is different with other layer2 networks. ETH is the official crypto asset used on Arbitrum, while other layer2 networks are using their network-named cryptocurrency, e.g. Metis is using METIS, Optimism is using OP. You can use network and coin to idenfity in the received message.

Webhook Message

"coin":"ETH", // !!! This is the asset transferred on Arbitrum
"network":"ARB" // !!! This is the Arbitrum network

Can I use Arbitrum Address Tracking without webhook?

Yes, you can.

To help us monitor crypto asset changes, Tokenview provides email notification to replace webhook. If you are not familiar with code, or you just want to monitor a small set of addresses without code, you may set email through “Receive Email” to receive the notification message.

Once you set email successfully, you will receive the following info in your email once there is crypto asset changes on your monitored addresses:

Email Message

Email Subject:
Balance Change Notification,0xfeebabe6b0418ec13b30aadf129f5dcdd4f70cea TransferIn 0.005988747577047713 ETH UTC 2024–02–06 06:23:59

Email Body:
UTC:2024–02–06 06:23:59
Tx Hash:

What kind of crypto assets will be notified?

On Arbitrum Address Tracking features, ETH and ERC20 tokens on Arbitrum can be monitored. Once you add an address into your monitored list, any ETH changes or ERC20 token changes on your Arbitrum addresses will be notified to you by webhook or email.

For example, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, WBTC, UNI, LDO, ARB etc, if the crypto assets balance is changed on your monitored addresses, the notification will be sent to you.


Tracking your Arbitrum wallet through Tokenview Developer Platform, Connecting cryptocurrency transactions to real-world, Monitoring addresses to know the market trend, and Alerting suspicious accounts in security analysis. Tokenview supports various scenarios which are applied on Arbitrum Address Tracking to help you implement WEB3 construction. Join and Enjoy!

And the last, always, please contact Tokenview for any feedbacks and suggestions.



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